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I am a writer and director of animated films, and an author and illustrator of children's books.

As an animation director I've worked extensively for the National Film Board of Canada, and with other studios around the world including Acme FilmWorks, International Rocketship Limited, and with my own production company, Hulascope Studio.

Some of my films are profoundly silly, made for no other reason than the joy of making them. Others use humour to address serious subjects. I developed the ShowPeace Series, which deals with conflict resolution, for The National Film Board of Canada.  Why Me? (directed with Derek Lamb) deals with the subject of death, and Bully Dance is about bullying.

Many of these films have received awards, notably an Oscar® nomination, an Emmy, a few festival grand prizes, and the highly-coveted Best Bad Taste Award at Ottawa.

Irrelevant Facts

My father sold car accessories, which exposed me to fuzzy dice and bobble heads at an early age.

As a child, I was an avid rock collector and aspiring stewardess.

My first job consisted of putting scented plastic roses into bags.

Vital Stats


Canada, US

Languages spoken: English, French


jazz dance, scrabble, collecting ugly things

I've written and illustrated four children's books, all published by Kids Can Press. Cinderella Penguin, The Emperor Penguin's New Clothes and The Penguin and the Pea are all "penguinized" versions of well-known fairy tales. The latest book, The Delicious Bug, is based on my NFB film, Dinner For Two, which is not about penguins. My satirical graphic novel, Penguins Behind Bars, became a TV special which I directed for Cartoon Network.

I've taught animation at Harvard, the Rhode Island School of Design, and Concordia University. I've given workshops in animation around the world.

Now I work from my home studio in Montréal, where I create most of my work in the computer, surrounded by my poodle paintings and scary clown figurines.

This early work demonstrates my fiery imagination and my struggle to fan the flames of my internal psyche.


About me


Here I am at my cutting edge work station XR6100.

Ugly Things

Hey I collect ugly things! What do you think of this stuff?