Why Me?

- First prize, short animation, Ottawa Animated Film Festival, 1978

- Blue Ribbon Award, American Film Festival, 1979

- Silver Cindy, IFPA Cindy Competition, 1979

- Chris Bronze Plaque, Columbus Film Festival, 1979

- Second Prize, Varna Animation Festival, 1979

- Certificate of Outstanding Achievement, San Francisco International Film Festival, 1979

- First Prize, Medical & Health Category, San Francisco International Film Festival, 1979 

- Second Prize, International Rehabilitation Film Library, 1980

- Judges Choice Award, Humboldt State University Film Festival, 1980

- First Prize, American Occupational Therapy Association Film Awards, 1981

1978 / 10 mins.

Written, directed by Janet Perlman and Derek Lamb

Produced by The National Film Board of Canada

When Mr. Spoon learns that he has only a limited time left to live, he runs through the gamut of emotions commonly experienced by people in this devastating situation. 

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